Our Mission

We often buy things without regard for the environment. I did a search for the most popular tags using my google adwords account, and "savethebees" didn't even register for impressions. Unsurprisingly, "pajamas" had over a thousand impressions! So I understand if you stop reading after I mention "buying" and "the environment" in one sentence. But maybe you're different.

You couldn't help but look at that scenery, could you? I'd say it's good click bait, but it's really the inconvenient truth. The bees are becoming extinct. We need them to sustain what you just saw.

We are a new socially-minded group who is passionate about saving the world's declining bee population.

Here is a list of the causes we currently support or raise funds for donation.

1. https://friendsoftheearth.uk/bees

2. http://sos-bees.org/causes/

3. https://thehoneybeeconservancy.org/

4. https://www.planetbee.org/

Now, you can be like everyone else and buy regular pajamas, or you can be different. I just wanted to present you a choice that couldn't be advertised directly. Enjoy your gifts, but remember their value.

-Bee Different